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Maureen Maher-Gray

In early 2013, I contacted Adam to begin searching for a new home. I liked my old home, but I did not love it. Adam listened intently and patiently and asked me lots of questions so he knew what I wanted. We began looking at homes within a few days. Adam showed my homes that matched my requirements and some homes a little outside my ideas for comparison. If there was a problem with a showing, Adam handled it outside of my hearing, quickly and professionally. I made an offer on a house that had everything I wanted. The owner was not very cooperative and actually became beligerent in his ‘negotiations’. Adam advised me to reconsider this offer because it turned out the man lived right next door to the house I wanted to buy. I took his advice and withdrew my offer. Meantime, Adam helped me put my old house on the market and he suggested a competitive price to sell quickly. He had an offer within 4 days of putting it on the market and he was able to successfully bring the offer up to near asking price with very little effort on my part. Once my house was under contract, we stepped up our showings and found a perfect beauty that I fell in love with immediately. Adam was able to negotiate a lower price for me and a quick closing date to coincide with the closing on my old house. Adam’s professionalism extended to my move as well. I had a composter that the moving company would not move and I did not want to leave behind. Adam got a friend and they picked up my composter and brought it to my new house. That is truly service above and beyond! I have recommended Adam to friends and will use him again when my mother is ready to relocate.

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